Watching crime shows is one of my favorite things to do with my wife on the weekends, but it's always a little more intriguing when the cases are close to home. So when I stumbled upon a list of cold cases that the City of Tyler Police Department is still looking to solve I wanted to share those details. While the information might be interesting to me, the families that are still looking for answers deserve to find justice.

What is a cold case? It's a criminal case that hasn't been solved yet, with no new information or investigation currently underway. But often these cases are solved with new technology or new methods to re-analyze the evidence helping to solve the crime. Most cold cases involve violence and are very serious such as murder or rape.

Tyler Police Truly Appreciate Information Provided By Citizens

The Tyler Police Department admit that many of the cold cases get new attention after hearing new clues from the public. If you know anything about any of the cases below please call Tyler PD at (903)531-1000 or Tyler / Smith County Crime Stoppers at (903)597-2833.

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Huge Variety of Cold Case Crimes for Tyler

You will see cases dating back to 1979, with others dating back to only 12 years ago. Most of the cases listed below are homicide cases, but there are a few missing person cases. Take your time and look over these pictures are read about the cases, you might have a clue from years ago that helps law enforcement solve one of these crimes.

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