It's no secret that moms love their children, and that kids always want to find the best present for their mom on Mother's Day. But sometimes shopping can be tough, especially when you want to make sure you have the perfect present!

So if you're torn about what to get your mom this year, consider some of these great options:

1. Flowers

Although simple and sometimes a bit overdone, flowers often make the perfect gift. Not only are they beautiful, but they make your whole home smell wonderful too. Plus, having them delivered to the door or to your mom at work will make her whole day!

2. A Homemade Card

Does it sound a bit like something you would have done in elementary school? Yes. Would it make your mom undeniably happy still today? Yes. Would I recommend this? Absolutely. Even just taking the time to write out a sweet message in the card would really mean the world to your mom.

3. A Hug

Honestly, what all moms really want is to spend Mother's Day with their kids if it's possible. Showing up at her door with a bouquet of flowers and a homemade card might give you an extra advantage too!

So remember to love you mom even more than usual this Sunday and celebrate her!