Without a doubt it would be an understatement to say there's been a media blackout when it comes to covering the legal challenges to the election results by the Donald Trump legal team. Now that's hardly surprising when it comes to the left-leaning, Biden-backing networks like CNN, NBC, ABC and CBS. And for whatever reason Fox News' coverage of the developments have been only less scarce. Perhaps they, like the other news outlets, have little interest, despite its historical significance. After all, when was the last time there was proof that a political party stole a Presidential election? Or maybe it's that there's just not very much information available, that the President's legal team is taking the occasional lower court loss in stride, knowing that eventually all the challenges from all the states will make it to the Supreme Court.

And when they do, what happens next? What are the possibilities spelled out in the Constitution that could keep Donald Trump in the White House? Here are the top three.

The Royal Alexander Theory: The Trump legal challenges make it to the Supreme Court. The Court then rules that one or all of the states in question (Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona and Georgia) have so mishandles their elections and violated their own state laws, that an honest and legitimate recount can never take place. SCOTUS rules that that since Electoral College votes from those states cannot be legitimately certified, it sends the decision - as the Constitution mandates - to the House of Representatives. The House, where each state would get a single vote based on the majority party of their delegation, would reelect Trump 26 to 24 margin.

The Alan Seabaugh Theory: Similar to Royal's theory, SCOTUS decides that that a number of states violated their own election laws. But instead of sending the final decision to the House, the Justices rule that that the offending states be eliminated from the Electoral College count. Now, with fewer states, the Electoral College majority of 270 drops to a new, lower number. Since the states booted by the Supreme Court for election violations all went to Biden, a new - and lower - Electoral College majority goes to Trump.

Theory #3: States with legislatures with Republican majorities declared for Biden (Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Georgia, Arizona) refuse to certify what they see as illegitimately chosen Electoral College voters, then certify their own Trump supporters. The Constitution specifically gives the power of certifying Electoral College voters to the legislatures of each state. Trump, now gaining electors from the states in question, is reelected because he now has an Electoral College majority exceeding 270.

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