Smart phones have become so pervasive in today’s society that it’s difficult to imagine a time or place where nearly anyone would put theirs away. Still, there are those times where pulling out your phone will draw dirty looks from everyone in the room.

Here’s our list of the circumstances in which using your phone is just a bad idea, so put it up.

1. Movie theater

Unless you enjoy being the token pariah in a room full of strangers, you have to put your phone away when the lights go down and the previews begin. Even if the people sitting around you are too passive-aggressive to call you out, you can bet they are verbally destroying you in their head. On the ride home, they’ll describe to their friends the acts of tremendous violence they wanted to perform on the person with the phone.

With today’s prices, it’s difficult to leave the theater without spending $9-12 (or double if you want a snack and a drink). Anytime you fork out that amount of money for a two-hour experience, you want it to be perfect. Nothing is worse than having it ruined by the tactless jerk who couldn’t wait to play Words With Friends.

2. First date

When you go out for a romantic evening with someone new, one of the most important things to convey is that your are interested in what he or she has to say. Busting out your phone mid-conversation will give the opposite impression.

The more time you spend with someone, the more acceptable this becomes. On a first date, it’s always poor form. If you can’t hold somebody’s attention the first time you have extended interaction with them, the relationship probably is going to make it.

3. Funeral

This is a no-brainer. Not only is staring is your phone distracting to others who apparently cared more about the deceased than you do, it’s just plain tacky.

Even if it’s a distant relative, using your phone during a funeral is never ok. Nobody wants to be the person playing Angry Birds during a heartfelt eulogy.

As a matter of fact, this rule should apply to almost any formal event held in a church. If you’re sitting in a pew, you have to be respectful.

4. Job interview

This is another one that should go without saying. Texting during or right before a job interview is disrespectful and unprofessional. Doing so will only make you seem like you can’t be separated from your phone long enough to talk to your potential boss. It’s got to be one of the worst messages you can send when trying to make a first impression.

If you want the job, put the phone away.

5. Locker room

Sure, after you put your clothes in your gym bag, you may have the urge to text your mom happy birthday. Maybe you want to browse Facebook, or check your bank statement online.

Regardless of the innocence of your mobile task, raising your camera-equipped phone to eye level in a room full of naked people is never a good idea. While most people understand your intentions are likely pure, you run the risk of discomforting a guy who just bench-pressed 300 pounds. Do yourself a favor and step outside or turn toward a vacant corner before sending that text.