Well, you were in for a surprise if you went to one particular Longview, TX coffee shop for your caffeine fix this morning - it's closed.

But don't worry it's just temporary.

The lone 7 Brew that is located in Longview confirmed ahead of time that they would be closed today (Tuesday, December 5th) and possibly again tomorrow (Wednesday, December 6th), but it's only for a glow up. They are having their parking lot redone.

7 Brew was born from a desire to change drive-thru coffee into a fun, mind-blowing experience for everyone. We dreamed of serving premium coffee in record time and making new friends while we’re at it. The dream came alive with our first “stand” in Rogers, AR and our 7 original coffees.

The comments section was full of brew-lovers saying that this is why they need to open a second location, and who seemed inconsolable from the news. But rest assured it is only temporary.

Also, coffee lovers should know that their Wednesday special will resume on Thursday, you can "fill a tray of medium drinks for $16," in the comments they clarified that was FOUR drinks.

7 Brew Longview will be CLOSED Tuesday 12/5 and possibly Wednesday 12/6 of next week to have our parking lot redone.
Our 7 days of 7 Brew special on wednesday will resume THURSDAY: fill a tray of medium drinks for $16

This 7 Brew location opened last February and has since become a favorite spot to grab coffee on the go in Longview.



7 Brew Original Drinks

Caramel & Vanilla Breve

BRUNETTE (280-850 Cal)

Hazelnut & Caramel Mocha

SMOOTH 7 (260-840 Cal)

White Chocolate & Irish Cream Breve

CINNAMON ROLL (300-770 Cal)

White Chocolate & Brown Sugar Cinnamon


White & Milk Chocolate Mocha


Coconut & Caramel Mocha

TRIPLE 7 (180-840 Cal)

A Smooth 7 With 6 Espresso Shots ($1.00 More)

BLONDIE (270-850 Cal)

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