For many people in East Texas myself included, coffee and caffeine to start the day is a necessity to start the day. It's amazing how this one drink can drastically improve our mood as we start our day. Which is probably part of the reason that Longview locals are so excited about the new coffee chain 7 Brew is opening a location in front of Albertsons on February 18th.

The details first caught my attention on a popular social media group for Longview when an employee for 7 Brew posted the information about their newest location. 7 Brew is based out of Rogers, Arkansas and only serves drive-thru coffee. While I've never visited a 7 Brew location before it sounds almost identical to the Dutch Bros. concept that I've visited before. I spoke with Madalyn who works for 7 Brew and she told me that each location is built in Arkansas and then brought to it's new location by truck.

What Makes Me Excited About The New 7 Brew Location in Longview

The drive-thru coffee locations always move quickly so if you're normally in a rush to get to work in the morning you won't be waiting long once their location is up and running. As you would expect, the 7 Brew menu has much more than just coffee drinks, you will be able to find something for everyone.

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This new 7 Brew Location is Looking to Hire Employees Soon

When I saw the details about 7 Brew posted online there were also details about joining their team. If you're looking to make a change 7 Brew is just looking for kind people, no experience necessary. There are part time and full time positions available, college and high school students are encouraged to apply.

Good luck to the new Longview coffee shop opening soon!

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