I enjoy cooking. Chicken is probably my favorite to cook. It's pretty versatile as far as seasonings you can use on it or what other veggies or starch it pairs with. Steak is always great and super easy to cook. Even pork can make for a great dinner. Watching this particular TikTok video, however, makes me question my creativity in the kitchen.

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7 Eleven is a great stop if you are in need of a snack to tide you over between lunch or dinner. Personally, picking up a couple of their brisket taquitos with a Cherry Diet Dr. Pepper Big Gulp really hits the spot mid afternoon.

One gentlemen on TikTok took that 7 Eleven snacking to the next level. He bought a bag of Cheetos and Doritos, a cup of ramen, three chicken taquitos and a Slurpee and handed it over to a chef friend of his. His chef friend turned those snacks into what looks like a delicious gourmet meal. Check out the process for yourself.

@danny.kimMy chef friends never let me go hungry🙏 @7eleven ##SpanishTikTok ##7Eleven ##TikTokFood♬ original sound - Danny Kim

O.M.G. That looks fantastic.

My cooking skills are not anywhere near that level. Probably the best I could do would be to make a Black Forest Ham sandwich with Pepper Jack cheese and add some of those Doritos for crunch. I will admit, as much of a time waster that TikTok is, this particular video really had me hooked.

There is another channel I follow of a lady who carries on a "conversation" with her cat. The videos will certainly put a smile on your face no matter what mood you're in.

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