A shocking discovery was made at an animal shelter in Weatherford, Texas that is horrifying and breaking the hearts of animal lovers all over the Lone Star State.

This is one of the most malicious things we've ever heard. It's hard for the many animal lovers among us here in East Texas to even fathom that someone could choose to behave in such a hateful, callous manner toward some of the most vulnerable creatures in our world.

It's particularly infuriating for those of us who love cats and kittens. It's difficult for me to even write this, to be perfectly honest.

On July 14, a worker at the animal shelter in Weatherford, Texas happened upon a 21-year-old animal care technician severely hurting and abusing a kitten.

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Before this discovery, staff at the Weatherford animal shelter had noticed kittens seemed to be mysteriously dying--more than what would be considered 'normal,' as heartbreaking as that may be. For a while, the other staff members thought perhaps some kind of feline disease was leading to the kittens' deaths. However, after doing some testing, feline disease was ruled out as the cause.

After that discovery, the staff "installed additional HVAC systems, ensured proper cleaning procedures were followed, reviewed the chemicals in all cleaning products, implemented new policies, and closely tracked every missing or deceased animal," according to a press release shared by the City of Weatherford.

Once the staff member saw Gabriel Caswell, they decided to call the Weatherford, Texas police. After calling, the other staff members confront Caswell after which Caswell left the shelter.

Officers arrived at the shelter and were able to review the video footage that confirmed to them a crime had been committed and a warrant for Caswell's arrest was issued. Hours later, Caswell was arrested on charges of animal cruelty.

Parker County Jail
Parker County Jail

After more video footage was reviewed revealing even more abuse, yet another warrant was issued and Caswell was once again arrested with an animal cruelty charge on July 29.

Communications and Marketing Coordinator for the City of Weatherford, Oscar Diaz stated:

"For something like this to happen is unfathomable, and we are heartbroken by the harm caused.” ~City of Weatherford press release.

If he is convicted, he could spend between 2 and 10 years in jail.

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