Unless you've been living under a rock, or just really really really far out there in rural America, you've probably seen the challenges facing Hollywood and the movie theater industry during the coronavirus pandemic. Lots of people probably miss going to the theater. I'm not necessarily one of those people, but I'm all about the new efforts to get people together watching their favorite movie - safely. For me, this one takes the cake.

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Drive-in theaters are making a comeback, and that's really cool (it's actually giving me 'The Outsiders' feels). But have you heard of a 'floating' movie theater? With social distancing boats?! Yep. It's coming to Austin and I'm wanting to make a trip (granted, I lived there for 8 years). It's all happening for one week only this September.

According to the event website, the cinema will be organized by Beyond Cinema and will consist of 12-24 mini boats that can hold 8 people each. It’s described as a "perfect way to enjoy a movie in the water while safely distanced from others." YES, PLEASE.

As for which movies can you expect to see? The announcement ensured it will be a mix of “golden oldies and new releases.”

Free popcorn will be provided to all guests, along with other movie snacks before you set sail.

I do have one minor concern...what if you have to go to the restroom thanks to all of those movie drinks? Hopefully you can hold it, and you're not going to a showing of Star Wars or Avatar.

Those interested will have to register beforehand on the Floating Cinema event page (click here). This is how you'll be notified when tickets go on sail!

You've got to let me know if you're taking a trip! This sounds so fun!

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