Sunday, as a lot of us did, I celebrated Father's Day with my family. I made the meager drive to Lindale to attend my childhood church, Damascus Baptist Church, then have lunch with my dad.

Following church, we met at the house to decide where to eat. As we do, we sat at the kitchen bar just talking about stuff.

To give a little background, me and my dad are both Type 1 diabetics. He's been treating it since his early 20's, I've been handling the disease since I was 14. About 10 years ago, I switched to an insulin pump. I loved it. But as life happens, I lost my job and insurance. I had to give it up.

Fast forward to today and I will be getting a new insulin pump and start using it again in a couple of weeks. I'm super excited.

I was talking about the cost of the machine. Insurance does cover a huge chuck of the cost but I will still be out of pocket roughly $4,000. They are not cheap but worth every penny.

Out of the blue, my mom walks up to me and hands me one of those pre-paid debit cards. My mom does not trust a debit card from the bank. She'd rather get cash and put that money on of those pre-paid cards.

She wanted me to have it to help with some of the cost. I didn't ask for it. I didn't want it. I wasn't looking for help at all. This card had a large sum of money on it. I'll be honest, I wanted to cry. I kept it together until after lunch, though.

At 41, I am not a parent myself. I realize my time is running out if I do want to have a child. Gotta find that special woman who will put up with my nerdiness and weirdness. But in that moment, I realized that I could never be half the parent they are.

I had to get deep for a moment and just brag on my parents. I've done some things to them in my young and dumb days that others would find unforgivable. But through it all, they love me and they still consider me their kid, even if I'm grown up (in age, not in how I act, which is 16).

Take a moment and thank your parents today. If they are no longer with you, say a prayer to them. A parents love is a love that will never extinguish.

Now I need to take a moment to get this dust out of my eyes.

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