Whether you're an avid reader of comic books or not, one thing we can all agree on is that the art of a comic book can be beautiful. One comic book that has always had some great artwork is Batman.

For 80 years now, Batman has been entertaining us and proving he is the world's greatest detective. And to have a hero that lives by the code to bring justice to the criminals he's after, instead of killing them, is very cool. Something the recent movies seem to forget.

Now, you can get a look at the 80 years of Batman artwork. The Society of Illustrators in New York has over 200 pieces of art on display from creators and artists like Bob Kane, Neal Adams, Frank Miller, Jim Lee and more according to geek.com. The exhibit will also feature 1960's Japanese manga of Batman and many Batman toys, commercials and essays.

It does suck that this is only available in New York. But if you're summer travels take you to the city that never sleeps, this could be a cool stop. Who knows, maybe at some point, this exhibit will come to other parts of the country. It's got my money for sure if it comes to Dallas.

If you want some more details on what will be shown, check out societyillustrators.org.

The video below is a couple of years old but it's another example of what will be on display.

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