We’ve all heard the saying, “Everything’s Bigger in Texas” and it’s true. We’re talking about everything from the food portions to the size of the entire state, it’s gigantic. And while the state is huge and spread out that also means there is a lot to do to have fun in the great state of Texas. And to make things even better, many of these events are done yearly so we can enjoy them again and again. 

Each of the events listed below have their own exciting things going on and some of them are more expensive than others. Before you decide on what events you want to visit with your family make sure you look into all the details including the time to get there, the cost for admission (if there is a cost) and whether it is something that your family will all enjoy. Remember weather can play a big part in making plans in Texas too, so you will want to check weather reports prior to making the trip. 

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Something for Everyone 

You might think that your family is a little strange so it’s difficult to find something that everyone will enjoy but Texas has a little bit of everything. I’m sure you will find things listed below that you would expect but there are others that you might not have heard of before. There are events that everyone will enjoy listed below. 

Let’s Look at All the Fun Events 

As we look around Texas here is a look at the most family friendly events that you should visit or plan to visit next year. 

Family Friendly Events in Texas You Need to Attend

Here is a look at some of the best family friendly events found in the state of Texas.

Here are the Free Concerts on the Chevrolet Main Stage for the 2023 State Fair of Texas in Dallas

This year's State Fair of Texas has a show for every type of music fan.

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