Taylor Swift is known for writing love songs. The majority of which are break up songs developed from her previous relationships. However, she has had enough songs to fill up four albums. That's a lot of break ups. Swift is infamous for making her way around Hollywood dating all different kinds of men. They break up, she writes a song, and moves on to the next guy. Are you starting to see the trend?

After so many horrible break ups, you start to stop feeling bad for America's Sweetheart. She kind of brings it upon herself. Maybe she's the problem, not all of her exes. It's been an ongoing joke around social networks that all of her exes should get together and write a song called "Maybe You're The Problem".

Well, while none of her exes have (publicly) come out with a song like that, numerous other people have. The versions on YouTube are endless, and pretty hilarious. If any one of her exes recorded one of these songs, they;d have an immediate number one.