I remember as a kid, I could earn a few bucks going to what is now Bob Wells Nursery in Lindale (I can't remember if it had a different name back then) by picking blueberries. It would only be like $5 or so but being a kid, that was a ton of money to buy some new toys. Today, that same spot is a haven for many different kinds of fruit trees.

There are several spots in East Texas to pick blueberries but if you want to get out of East Texas for a day or two, one stop could be in Conroe, just North of Houston. There you can visit Moorhead's Blueberry Farm to pick a bucket or two of those blue fruit berries.

You pay $3 to pick a pound of blueberries on the farm according to kxxv.com. They even encourage some taste testing as you pick, you know, for quality control purposes.

Again, there are many options to pick fresh blueberries in East Texas. But if you're wanting to get out of the area, make a stop with the family at Moorhead's Blueberry Farm for some family togetherness and walk away with some fresh fruit.

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