You may have pictures taken at this scenic Texas swimming hole on your Instagram right now, or perhaps your friends do. Regardless of who was in the picture, there stands a pretty good chance you have at least seen a picture taken at the Hamilton Pool Preserve.

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The Travis County spot has become very popular for hikers and swimmers looking to get away from the city if even for an afternoon. But not just for Austin-ites, it's also become a popular destination for people from across The Lone Star State to visit.

Well, some bad news for anyone hoping to take a dip in it's pristine water this summer -- you can't. According to their website, "No swimming allowed at Hamilton Pool Preserve for the foreseeable future. Following the big freeze in February rocks have been falling with increased frequency at many locations in and around the pool. We are working with geologists to assess the hazard. We do not expect swimming to be allowed this summer."

Hikers will be affected as well: "The section of trail that goes underneath the overhanging cliff at the pool is closed for safety concerns. Visitors can access the beach, but cannot walk all the way around the pool to below the waterfall. Following the big freeze, rocks have been falling more frequently from the cliffs above the trail. We continue to consult with geologists about this hazard."

Even with the swimming hole and favorite trail closed down there is still plenty for you to see. You can now make Hamilton Pool Preserve reservations online for dates through September 2021. And just a heads up, reservations are required every day of the week to visit.

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