If you are into spooky things, exploring abandoned buildings, and like to check out haunted places there is a hospital in Yorktown, Texas that you need to put on your bucket list. This place will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up in just minutes. You are still able to tour the hospital when you make a reservation, even a nighttime investigation is available if you're brave enough.

Recently, the Yorktown Memorial Hospital was dubbed the 'most haunted place on earth' due to visitors reporting hearing talking dolls and red glowing eyes. While stories like that intrigue me, I want to see it for myself, but after looking at the photos and some of the reviews I'm starting to understand how creepy this hospital is.

How the Yorktown Memorial Hospital Got Started

The hospital was originally founded by the religious group known as the "Felician Sisters" they were part of the Roman Catholic Church. They started the hospital as a rehab facility for those battling drug and alcohol addictions. It opened in 1950 and closed it's doors in the 1980s, the building sat abandoned for decades.

The Yorktown Memorial Hospital is Huge

The entire hospital is 30,000 square feet including a church, main floor, basement, and living space on the 2nd floor. Many say that spirits from those who died there still lurk in the corridors.

There have been break-ins and vandalism on the property, remember under no circumstances should you enter this property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property. Just set up a reservation and set up a tour or investigation by calling 903-748-4475.

Look Inside the Creepy Yorktown Memorial Hospital

It's been called the most haunted place on earth now you can look inside the abandoned Yorktown Memorial Hospital in Texas.

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