How many texts does the average teenager send and/or receive on an average day?

According to some recent research, over 100 is the answer, or about 3200 per month. That's a lot of LOLs, OMGs, and JKs. 

A large number of folks are 'text savvy' enough to know that those abbreviations stand for Laugh out Loud, Oh My Gosh, and Just Kidding.  But, do you know what GNOC or PIR means?

A recent article listed 28 up and coming text abbreviations that should raise a warning flag if you were to find them on your child's phone.  Now, granted, finding PIR (parents in room) or 1174' (party meeting place) on you kid's text history doesn't mean they're guilty of improper behavior, but other text acronyms or codes like GNOC (get naked on camera),  LMIRL (let's meet in real life), or 420 (marijuana) should probably lead to an immediate discussion, at the very least.

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