A fair warning, some of the fighting shown in the video below may be troublesome for some of our readers. After a recent violent week of fighting at a Shreveport high school, resulting in 23 kids being arrested, the dads of the kids at the school realized they had to do something.

"We're dads. We decided the best people who can take care of our kids are who? Are us," Michael LaFitte, who started Dads on Duty, said to CBS.

A lot of schools might try metal detectors or additional uniformed police officers on campus. But Southwood High School, located just over the Texas border in Louisiana, is proving that all you really need are a few caring parents who are willing to put their time where their mouths are; and that can make all the difference in the world to our children.

They are calling themselves Dads on Duty.

And it's just a group of dads spending time at the school, hanging out, greeting the kids. And their presence has changed everything about the culture at this school. These dads are effectively turning the school into a more positive environment; and since these dads went on duty, guess what? There have been ZERO fights.

But, really, who's gonna fight when they know that there's someone's dad standing in the cafeteria cracking jokes. It's more than that of course. These fathers are connecting with the kids, making eye contact, a simple high-five walking down the hallway can go a long way. And whether or not the kids admit it on camera, they seem to even like the accompanying "dad jokes."

Some more good news.

Some more good news could be coming out of this story, these dads are hoping to start more Dads on Duty across Louisiana — and eventually to schools across the country.

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