For the most part we grew up in a more dangerous world -- of course in certain aspects it was clearly safer. But when it comes to playgrounds here in Tyler, TX, I like to think that while those rusted 15 feet tall metal slides and old vomit-covered-merry-go-rounds with no means of slowing down except gravity were a lot of fun, we do know that they were dangerous, right? Very dangerous.

There's a reason we don't see that outdated equipment on playgrounds any longer. I remember pinching the hell outta my finger on a swing and getting a giant blood blister, twice. Oh, and burning the back of my legs on slides constantly -- while suckin' down candy cigarettes.

And, come to think of it, I probably suffered a ton more injuries, but I also fell off one of those tall slender metal slides and hit my head (at least) once, so who knows what I've forgotten. Oh, and for the record I definitely don't think I'm a better person today because of any of those injuries.

Have you been to a park lately? We've got so many great ones that my wife and I take our kids to here in East Texas, and they are all without-a-doubt much more safer than when we were growing up. And they're still fun. I'll get up on those obstacle courses / forts / play ground sets and play with them every single time. Man, I wish we had 'em when I was a kid.

All that to say, what's wrong with giving our kids every shot to have loads of fun while lessening the chance they get burned thanks to that hot Texas sun?

Yesterday a concerned mom posted in the Tyler, TX Rants, Raves and Recommendations page after her 3-year-old daughter got burned on a hot merry-go-round in Bergfeld Park.

This mom wasn't mad at anyone, she seem to be ranting wildly or pointing fingers. She just made an observation that if her child got burned on a mild April day, what's going to happen to kids in August? She asked "Would It be possible to get a petition going or something to make the playground COVERED?"

Here's what she wrote:

"Of all the accommodations and updates the city has done to this park, and even the big pretty sign put in…. Would It be possible to get a petition going or something to make the playground COVERED? My daughter was playing yesterday pretty early still in the morning and not quite noon, and we sat down (I sat, she climbed up) to use the merry go round, or whatever it is, and she burned her arm on it. I know to check them before we use the equipment, but it didn’t feel hot to the touch to me, so I deemed it safe? I’ve seen several playgrounds with the tent type material over them to provide some shade. I just wondered if maybe it was possible for this location. We love the park and will definitely be back, but it’s a little irritating that they haven’t thought to cover it up yet. I’m guessing because the area is already shaded."

I think it's a great question... Could we look into getting the playgrounds completely covered? Well, respondents to her post were either totally with her or completely against her, not many in between. And several were downright rude.

"Kids get scratches, burns, etc, it’s all part of growing up. Next time she’ll be more careful. I’m a mother, grand & great & will tell you, you can’t always protect your kids. Sooner or later, common sense will kick in," wrote one woman.

While another person responded, "I agree all parks should have some kind of covering over the play areas especially since kids don't think to stop and touch first. It would be nice if the entire play ground was covered so our kiddos can play on even rainy days."

"I'm sorry your kid got hurt but to cover every playground is not feasible. Your play grounds weren't covered and you turned out just fine! Builds character!" Wrote one person.

Another member of the group pointed out, "I was burned on many playgrounds over the many decades I have lived. I also slept in back windshield of my parents’ 64 Mustang. It doesn’t mean that our kids (or in my case, grandkids) should do the same. Maybe contact the park dept and see if this problem can be remedied. It would be worth a try so more kids aren’t burned."

Should we look into covering our East Texas playgrounds completely? Would love to know what you think. I mean, not even The Texas Rangers have to play under sun in 2022.

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