Can you remember the last really cool party you went to? Well, when Bob Barrett is invited, no one ever forgets. Bob runs "The Alligator Attraction" in John's Pass, Fla. Bob came up with his idea of throwing "gator pool parties" at people's homes in their backyard pool!The cost of the coolest party in the neighborhood will set you back $175 bucks. OK, what kid would not want a gator pool party on their birthday? But wait, an alligator in the pool with the kids?

Here's what Bob told

Then, we had the idea of well if we do a home, and they have a pool, let's put the gator in the pool. People were very leery at the beginning, but it has taken off and people just enjoy it."

But what about the alligator in the pool with the kids? Bob forces the mouth of the gator shut and guests get the swim of their lives. Does that make you feel better?

Of course the kids love it over the same old birthday parties. You know you got the bounce house, the normal swimming party, the backyard party with the pinata and pin the tail  on the donkey, the parties with clowns or magicians (eek!) -- but a gator pool party? Now that's unique!

So what do you think parents? Take the poll below and give us your thoughts.

Oh by the way,  The Florida Fish and Wildlife officials has determined that Barrett isn't doing anything illegal, but they will not encourage it.


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