We have our fair share of funny animal stories here in East Texas - did you see there was a missing cow found roaming this week? How about the missing tiger that was running around Houston that's now found a home here in Murchinson? Lots of wild stuff happening in the wild kingdom of Texas lately.

But what the employees discovered hanging out at a Jucy's Taco today would make you think we're somewhere in the bayous of Louisiana, or you know...just hanging out somewhere in Florida.

According to a hilarious post from the Henderson Police Department's Facebook page, an 8 foot long alligator showed up at the local Jucy's Taco location.

The taco loving gator probably got tired of scrounging around for food at the nearby Willow Creek Lake where he is believed to have came from and decided he needed tacos in his life. Can you blame this big boy though?

Its no secret that I love tacos, heck everyone loves tacos. I had tacos for dinner last night from Ruby's Mexican Restaurant in Tyler so I feel this big gators pain. Sitting in the swamp smelling delicious tortillas can do something to any one: Man or animal.

Thankfully, no one seemed to have been harmed and this big fella will have to find another place to find tacos because a Texas Game Warden reportedly pick him up and took him to an undisclosed location.

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