These kind of stories really piss me off. We have alligators in East Texas. Are they dangerous? Yes. What do you do if you see one? Walk away. But here's the thing, even if one snaps at you or tries to swallow your dog, you don't cut off it's tail and leave it to suffer. That appears to be what an East Texan has done and they will face jail time if they are caught.

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Tuesday morning (October 11), game wardens found a nine and a half foot alligator dead with it's tail cut off in the Dixie community of Jasper County. Game wardens believe that the alligator was left alive after the tail was cut off due to a video that was shot from the citizen who found the alligator. The alligator did eventually die.

Operation Game Thief via Facebook
Operation Game Thief via Facebook

What the hell is wrong with people?

Texas Parks and Wildlife says that the alligator had been illegally captured and abused and was left to suffer. If you have any information about this awful crime, you are asked to call Texas Parks and Wildlife at 800-792-GAME (4263) or the Jasper County Sheriff's Office at (409) 384-5417.

The reward is currently at $2,000, $1,000 from Texas Parks and Wildlife and another $1,000 from Gator Country owner Gary Saurage, for information that could lead to an arrest and conviction of this abuse.

Gary Saurage posted a video to the Gator Country Facebook page talking about this crime. **WARNING** THIS VIDEO CONTAINS PICTURES OF THE ALLIGATOR THAT SOME COULD FIND VERY DISTURBING.

On a personal note, I know how dangerous an alligator can be. Back in 2017, we had Gary Saurage and Gator Country do a presentation on stage at Harvey Hall teaching us about alligators. He and his organization love alligators and I know his heart is broken over this crime. These creatures, despite the danger, are beautiful, and necessary, to our ecosystem. Rather than doing what this, or these, despicable human being, or beings, did, just call the authorities and let the professionals remove the creature and return it to it's home.

This makes me sick and there is no excuse for it.

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