Everything is more expensive nowadays, that includes getting your vehicle serviced at any mechanic shop. Sure, that vehicle is your property that you are making monthly payments on. Yes, it's very inconvenient when it has to sit at a mechanic's shop for several days because of work that has to be done. We can all agree that paying for that bill when its all said and done really hurts the wallet. What you can't do is go to the mechanic shop, or dealership in this case, and take your vehicle without paying for the services rendered. That's what happened in this case in Jasper County.

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Here's What Happened

The Jasper County Sheriff's Office received a call on Friday, September 2 from Weaver Motors in Kirbyville about a truck that was missing from their service lot. The service had been completed on the truck but the bill had not been paid. I'm guessing there was some kind of surveillance at the dealership and they found that the owner of the truck had come onto the lot and taken his truck.

How was he caught?

It was determined that it was a 40 year old male who took the truck from the dealership on Friday, September 2. A Texas Department of Public Safety officer was able to pull the truck over Tuesday, September 6 and arrest the 40 year old male for Theft of Service greater than or equal to $2,500 but less than $30,000.

It Doesn't Excuse What He Did but One Commenter May Have Given a Reason for This Theft

The commenter on the Jasper County Sheriff's Department's post said that he needed the truck to finish some work and had a partial payment for the dealership. It seems that payment arrangements either weren't discussed or this man just thought it was okay to pay them later.

No matter, he stole services from the dealership. His best course would have been to discuss everything with the dealership beforehand and none of this would have happened.

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