This year makes eleven-years of writing and singing songs for North Carolina-based American Aquarium. That means you’ve had eleven years to get on board with these East Coast boys, but if you haven’t now is the time.

On Friday (Oct. 21), the guys will be stopping by our studio for an acoustic lunchtime show. Front man, BJ Barham, and the boys will be singing songs and sharing the stories behind their signature honest-rock-infused-country anthems – and there are some really good stories behind these songs.

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After almost calling it quits in 2012, 2015 was the year American Aquarium released their most important album to date. Not only has “Wolves” received rave reviews from Rolling Stone, our website, and many other major national publications, it’s grown the band’s fan base exponentially.

Then this year, Barham, released a solo album. Of the album, Rockingham, Barham told Rolling Stone earlier this year that, "This is the town that I spent the first 18 years of my life in, the town that the last seven generations of my family were born and raised in, the place that serves as the backdrop for the entire record,” he says. “This song is about running out of opportunity and coming to terms that you are never leaving the town you were born in. I’ve always found beauty and inspiration in the bleak and desperate side of the human condition. The thought of staring down the rest of your life and realizing you don’t have another move really struck a chord with me."

Don't miss the guys Friday night at Love and War in Lindale, gonna be a great concert.

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