Don't you just love to get free offers on products you like and need? Of course you do! But most free offers are actually not free! We are all smart enough to not get taken in on these scams, but sometimes they get by us! My motto is,  if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!  Here's a few tips that may help you avoid that scam!

Safeguard private information

Most offers ask you for your personal information like your name, address, e-mail, phone number and more. If you are asked for your Social Security number or credit card - steer clear!

Always Read The Fine Print

We don;t always take the time to read the websites privacy policy, but you should. You need to know how your information may be used. Always look for a working phone number so you can call and check out anything that doesn't seem clear.

Monitor Activity

Check to see if any complaints have filed in the last few months. If the free offer is on FB, check to see how many 'likes' the site has and how much activity is on the page. If not numerous - be cautious!

Avoid Unsolicited Ads

There is a difference between a deal coming from a friend or a reliable blog and one that comes out of the blue. If a pop up ad or an unfamiliar e-mailr invites you to cash in on an offer, skip it!

Tap into trusted sources

The product manufacturer is the best source for finding free samples, followed by the company's partner sites. Check out and!

These are things we really know, but sometimes it's good to have a refresher!  If you guys know some great sites for freebies, please share!