Andy Samberg's Saturday Night Live run is over. Big-ups if you can remember any character he did in his seven seasons, because I can not (his Wahlberg impression is hilarious though). No, Andy's contribution to the world is bigger than a memorable SNL character. Samberg and his “Digital Shorts” may prove to be the most revolutionary thing to ever come out of the skit-comedy show.

According to his viral video “Lazy Sunday” is huge, if not, the reason YouTube sold for $1.5 billion. I do remember first learning what YouTube was, because of these videos. Thanks to viral videos including “D**k in a Box”, “Like a Boss” and the Grammy nominated “I'm on a Boat” Andy Samberg has done more for the internet than Al Gore ever did.

So true, he doesn't have a timeless character like “Matt Foley”, “Opera Man” or “Goat Boy” but thanks to Samberg, NBC will be fighting to keep videos of those characters off YouTube for years to come. And today I've got my Top 5 “Digital Shorts” plus the greatest Mark Wahlberg impression of all time, in honor of the King of YouTube.

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    We Like Sports

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    Cool Guys Don't Look at Explosions

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    J*** in My Pants

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    I'm on a Boat

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    D*** in a Box

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    Mark Wahlberg Talks to Animals