UPDATE: Karen Fonseca, was arrested Thursday, November 16, on an unrelated charge of fraud after a tip was received at the Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office.

"F*** Trump. And F*** You For Voting For Him". That's this driver's message to the President's supporters.

A bit over the top in my opinion but there really is no grey area when it comes towards people's feelings about the President, you either love him or hate him.

This driver resides in Fort Bend County, Texas and has gotten some attention when on the highways in the area.

Fort County Sheriff, Troy E. Nehls, went to Facebook to try to track down the driver for the purpose of having a conversation about the window sticker and some complaints he has received about it according to wesh.com. He also said charges could be filed.

If you go through the comments, the sheriff does not have much support for his post. UPDATE: the post has been deleted since writing this article.

His comment about talking to the local prosecutor may not necessarily be accurate, however. KHOU talked with Fort Bend County District Attorney and was told that the sheriff never consulted them before making this post. The office also said that if any charges were brought, it would not be accepted.

KHOU also tracked down the owners of the truck, Karen and Mike Fonseca. Karen said, "There's no law against freedom of speech, nothing in the law book here in Texas, I've been stopped numerous times, but they can't write me a ticket".

Mike Fonseca said, "No plans to take it down. Unless he can show me where it says that in the law book, it's not coming down until the weather takes it down or I replace it with something else."

This could get interesting. We shall see.

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