Many of us have become so addicted to our phones that we can’t stand having to put them down, even when we’re driving. If you’re one of the technologically obsessed who hates to be parted from your phone even to sleep, you’re in luck.

With a slew of apps to help you get a good night’s sleep, taking your phone to bed with you just started to make a little more sense.

Deep Sleep with Andrew Johnson


At the end of a long and stressful day, it can be nearly impossible to turn your thought offs and fall calmly to sleep. If your mind won’t stop racing, Deep Sleep will help it start strolling. This guided meditation app helps users slow down, relax and drift off to a perfect slumber.

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Dream On


Just because you’re able to fall asleep doesn’t mean that your dreams will be sweet. Dream On is a new app that allows users to choose from a number of dreamscapes to control their slumbering thoughts. Place the phone on the bed with you at night and Dream On will detect when you’re in REM sleep and play the predetermined sounds that will encourage your subconscious mind to dream what you want it to dream.

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White Noise


Live in a noisy city? Or is the overwhelming silence of the countryside keeping you up? Or maybe it’s just the unfamiliar sounds of being away from home? White Noise to the rescue! This app not only provides 40 ambient sounds to help you sleep, it also allows you to mix sounds and create your own personalized sleep symphony.

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There are a lot of medical solutions for insomnia, but the Pzizz app is a rare medical treatment whose only side effect might be a drained battery. The soothing sounds and voices on the Pzizz app have helped tens of thousands of people worldwide to fall asleep. And since all of the settings and alarms are adjustable, this app works just as well if you only have time for a 2hr power nap rather than a full night’s sleep.

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Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock


Even if you’ve gotten a good night’s sleep, there’s nothing worse than an alarm clock that suddenly blasts on and jolts you out of what might have been a really wonderful dream. If you use the Sleep Cycle app and place your phone on your bed, the phone will be able to detect when you’re in deep sleep and when, during a 30-minute window ending in your set alarm time, you are in the lightest sleep and therefore optimal wake-up time.

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Wake n Shake


You only meant to hit the snooze button once, but then, an hour-and-a-half later, you’re late to work again. If a simple alarm clock is no match for your will to sleep, the Wake n Shake app might be for you. This app requires you to vigorously shake his phone to turn off the alarm, after which, you may as well get out of bed because there’s no denying you’re up now.

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Proactive Sleep


A good night’s sleep doesn’t just happen — it has to be planned for, tracked, analyzed, or so says Proactive Sleep. This handy app prompts you to enter data such as the amount of times you woke up and how much caffeine you had during the day and allows you to analyze just what you need to get the best z’s possible.

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