The Food That Texans Hate the Most
I don't know how anyone could hate cold pizza. It got some of us through college and it's the breakfast of champions for anyone who needs comfort carbs on the way to work. Cold pizza does have its haters, but in Texas, there is one food that is despised more than that.
7 Photos That Should Be On Every Texan’s Social Media
If you took a long road trip over the long holiday weekend, we hope you snapped some pictures of the things that make Texas great. There are many! Here are just a few of the best that should be on every Texan's social media, and at least one of them involves beer.
Burn 400 Calories an Hour at These Tyler Pools
Now that we've been swimming all summer long, we're looking fierce! The water has toned us up, and we don't want to lose the rock-solid look now that city pools are starting to close. There are several year-round pools around Tyler, and the number of calories you'll burn there …

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