This morning, KNUE's Big Dand Bubba talked about angels, or rather feathers placed by angels as a sign from up above.  Whether you believe or not, there are signs that some believe are from angels or those loved ones that have passed.   I'm one of those people. My older brother passed away a few years ago and whenever I visit his grave site I always see dragonflies. It happens everytime! I know it may sound weird and eerie, and maybe makes me look crazy,  but I find it comforting. Now I don't know about angels, but I know what I experience.

Listening to the callers this morning on Big D and Bubba, quite few listeners said they find feathers whenever they are looking for signs. Wow! So what do you think? Are there angels among us, or are these so called signs just coincidences? I'm not so sure. Take the poll and give me your opinion. I'll report back tomorrow on the midday show and see how many of you think it's crazy or real!

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