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As pretty much every health official in the country is asking folks to hold as small of a Thanksgiving celebration as possible, a lot of folks are looking to trim the fat (so to speak) when it comes to the amount of dishes they prepare for the big meal.  If you have your health, food to put on the table, and someone to share it with - you have a lot to be thankful for this year.

I'll be honest, in year's past - the family has gone all out on the food.  We're talking every dish you can think of under the sun - and, invariably a couple of new things to try out every year.  If you didn't leave with a trunk full of to-go containers, you didn't do it right.

My immediate family and I will be eating a big meal on Thursday, and we will be giving thanks for all of the blessings we have received even during the crazy and often times frightening year.  We'll just be doing it around far fewer dishes.

That got us to talking around the office, and we just couldn't narrow it down.  That's why I put it to you now.  You may be tired of casting your vote this year, but we need your voice once again.  Make the difficult choices below so we don't have to!

We'll update the bracket as soon as the votes are tallied.  In the end, we'll be able to crown a one and only, true turkey companion: The Champion of Side Dish Madness 2020!

TSM / Brandon Michael

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