One of the biggest arguments of couples is where to eat. Party One doesn't care while  Party Two wants Party One to pick while Party Two disagrees with everything Party One suggests. When Parties decide on a dining destination, Party Two says they're not hungry then proceeds to swipe items from Party One's plate which leads to another argument.

Make sense? Good.

Well, one diner in North Little Rock, Arkansas, Mama D's Diner, has come up with a solution, a "My Girlfriend is Not Hungry" menu option according to The menu option adds your choice of some extra fries, two fried chicken wings or three additional cheese sticks.

Being a single dude myself, it's nice that my dining destination hesitation is my own. It's also nice that when I finally make up my mind, I don't have to order extra. But I will say, I would gladly add $4.25 to my order to avoid an argument over such silliness.

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