Even though I work on the R&B side of radio, I'm always down to learn, hear and interact with other genres and cultures outside of my comfort zone because no matter what one thing we all can agree on is "a good time" is a "a good time". Plus, maybe our world wouldn't be so crazy if we dropped the "barriers" and explored each other's worlds.

So last night, a few of my colleagues here at Townsquare Media (sales superstars Stephanie and Brent) invited me out to Cowboy's in Tyler, one of East Texas' biggest and best clubs. At first I thought we were just going to hang out but when they told me that we were going for the purpose of being "judges" for their dance contest, I became kind of hesitant. I'll explain in a second.

First, we stopped by next door at Krazy Kajun Kitchen & Market and enjoyed some delicious Louisiana style eats and drinks. Krazy Kajun is actually connected via patio to Cowboys and we have an awesome Seize The Deal offer you should jump on where you can a $50 gift certificate to Krazy Kajun for just $25.

After dinner, we walked over to Cowboys to prepare for our duty. See, I've never judged a "country" dance competition before so I had a lot of questions on what I should be judging and looking for. But my co-workers reassured me that it would be okay so I tapped into my inner "Simon Cowell" and watched the couples twirl, flip and dance throughout the night.

A couple of things I was impressed with were dancers who were able to pull off their twirls, flips and moves in rhythm with the music while others would just be doing "a little extra" at the moment. Also, I watched for couples that got the audience hyped up, if we hear any "oooohs" or "ahhhs" while on the floor you scored high in my book. But at the end of the night, we selected a few of the best couples and they are moving on to the next round.

I will say this though, it was great to see folks smiling, dancing and having a good time again after the year we went through. And it was a thing of beauty to see all those couples executing flawless and not so flawless moves on the dance floor. I'll be back to boot scoot boogie with yall again soon!

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