These last couple of years have been EXTRA hard on all of us--financially, emotionally, and of course, physically. When people go through times like this, it can seem to lead to an increase in crime as desperate people find themselves becoming even more desperate.
Even those who perhaps may not have engaged in criminal activity may feel compelled to do so.
Was that the situation with these two men? Well, we can't know for sure. At least not until the Tyler Police track down these two suspects.
Photos: City of Tyler Police
Photos: City of Tyler Police
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Early this morning, around 4:10 a.m., two black men suspects walked into the Eagle Mart located at 6500 S. Broadway Ave. in Tyler. Armed with handguns, they made off with money and other items from the store. The amount has not been disclosed to the public.
After the aggravated robbery, the two men hopped into a "metallic brown mid 2010s Texas Edition Chevrolet Silverado," according the Tyler Police Facebook page. In addition to the two men who robbed the store, there were two other people waiting in the truck.
Photos: City of Tyler Police
Photos: City of Tyler Police
They are still looking for all FOUR suspects. However, the Silverado truck was found over in Marshall. Are the suspects from this area? If you have friends in Marshall, please share this with them, as well.
Tyler Police ask via their Facebook page: "If you have any information on this case, please contact Det. Holt at 903-531-1028 or call Tyler-Smith County Crime Stoppers at 903-597-2833."
Thank you for taking a moment to look.

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