It's hard to find a Hollywood celebrity that everyone loves. Henry Winkler is one of those. I'm sorry, The Fonz. One of Winkler's passions is fishing, in particular fly fishing. Recently, he posted a picture on his Twitter account of a prize trout catch and keyboard warriors decided to try and roast him for it. This is why I hate the internet.

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Look at that smile on his face. He's obviously having the time of his life. But some keyboard warriors felt it was necessary to try and ruin that fun. For instance, James Perry commented:
Then Island Nancy responded with an uninformed tweet:

And David Turin commented with a rambling tweet:

I'm all for embracing technology and using the internet. However, this is the reason that  I hate embracing technology and the internet. A group of people who think they know what their talking about decide to show that they know it all.

Winkler loves to fish. He doesn't kill the fish or treat it inhumanely. He catches it, then releases it to continue it's life. He did as any good fisherman would do, take a photo to give credit to his fish story later. Amongst the many uninformed tweets, you also see a lot of other proud fishermen posting their big catches like David Lemieux:

And I am Lazer Kat:

And JB:

It's like people are waiting for the next thing to be angry or offended by. Just live your life and let others find their happiness without your input.

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