The Halloween countdown is on. Can you believe the holiday falls on this Sunday? We’re getting really close now, and if you get a last minute invite to a party you’ll need to have a plan.

Lucky for you, I have some ideas about where to start. Thanks to TikTok, I’ve got some pretty clever and simple solutions. First, you might want to start at a second hand store. We have a few in East Texas including Good Will Stores and Hangers for Hope.

They typically have a wide selection of costumes, but you can also create something out of what you find there. Sometimes if you are really clever, you can even find the right items to pair in your own closet.

Ready for inspiration? Here we go … Angels, Devils, Cher from Clueless. I mean you totally have options.

Or you could go to the local craft store and grab a few things, and transform into a Pixar Monster.

Your second hand store might not be quite as “bougee” as this one, but I’m sure you can still find something that you can work with at your local store.

Or you could totes become a tourist. Look for a bucket hat, hawaiian shirt and grab a pair of your cut-offs and a swimsuit. Super simple, right?

This pair of friends made their last minute DIY costumes a competition. They challenged each other to create a costume for less than $15.

Of for a really newsworthy costume, you could transform yourself into a Princess of Pop like Britney Spears…

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