When you are part of a team, each individual has their responsibility. For the player, it's knowing the plays. For the coach, it's preparing the players for the contest. For the team managers, it's keeping the equipment in order.

For Division II, ranked number two in their respective basketball poll, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, one of their team managers dropped the ball (pun intended) by forgetting to bring the team's uniforms for their game against Edinboro according to espn.com.

The team had traveled about 100 miles to take on this opponent, too. So what happens when you don't have uniforms but have to play a game? You have to wear the opponents away uniforms.

Yes, Edinboro let Indiana University of Pennsylvania wear their old away uniforms so the game could be played.

It didn't affect Indiana University of Pennsylvania as they won, 87-59, to take their third straight Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference West Division championship.

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