Living in the state of Texas is a privilege, I love living here and most Texans feel the same way. But I will say we are most proud of our hometowns and when there is a list created of the most beautiful small towns in Texas I was wanting to see something a little closer to where I live, but I genuinely feel happy for any small town in Texas that made this list.  

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The list of the most beautiful small towns in every state was created by Town and Country and I appreciate that when they put this list together they didn’t just drop a picture of the downtown area and move to the next state they actually took some time to discuss the businesses that are open and a little bit about the history of the town.  

What Small Town Was Named The Most Beautiful in Texas? 

According to their list, the most beautiful small town in Texas is located in West Texas, it’s Marfa, Texas. While I hate to admit I haven’t been to Marfa before I do know that it’s positioned between the Davis mountains and Big Bend National Park so it’s in a gorgeous area. 

Why Is Marfa, Texas So Great? 

Beyond it’s beauty, Marfa is a major center for minimalist art and known for the Marfa Lights. The town was first founded in the 1880s and still only has a population around 2,000 people. Keeping that small town charm alive for what is now known as the most beautiful small town in Texas. 

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