Summer is here! Having already experienced upper 90-degree temperatures  some of you may be looking to plant bedding plants that are drought and heat tolerant.  There are many plants that do great in our East Texas summer heat!


If you have full sun anywhere in your yard, Moss Rose (Portulaca) is an excellent choice! In fact, it may be  the most heat and drought tolerant bedding plant available. Zinnas love the sun as well and provide beautiful vibrant color! Other  sun loving and heat tolerant bedding plants are Lantana and Periwinkle (Vinca)!


I have quite a bit of shade in my yard, so I use bedding plants that are shade loving , but still heat and drought tolerant. My favorites are Impatiens. They come in a variety of color and they make a shady yard 'POP.' Because I have a lot of shade, I do use non-flowering plants as well like; Japanese Ferns,  Hostas, Holly Fern and Mondo Grasses.  All are excellent choices!

So while we try and make it through another 'sweltering' summer in East Texas, at least our lawns will look great! Happy Gardening!

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