There is something so charming about the town of Jacksonville, Texas. According to a 2020 U.S. census the population is right around 14,300 people but the restaurants this small East Texas town offers would measure up to any other bigger town in Texas. And when you look at all the options in Jacksonville, Texas you have lots of delicious options to choose from. Recently, there were locals discussing their favorite restaurants in Jacksonville, Texas so I had to share those answers with you. 

When discussing the best restaurant in any town it’s always subjective, because everyone’s taste buds are a little different. But that’s another great thing about the restaurants in Jacksonville, Texas they are serving up a little bit of everything from amazing Mexican food, big burgers, even melt in your mouth barbecue. 

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One Thing in Common Looking at Restaurants in Jacksonville, TX 

While I have spent over an hour “researching” restaurants in Jacksonville, Texas there is one thing that I see all of these options have in common and that is that they all serve up large portions of food. Which is great because who doesn’t love taking home a to-go container and munching on yummy food for a snack later. It’s always nice to feel like you’re getting a good amount of food for the money you spend.  

Leave a Big Tip When Visiting These Jacksonville, TX Restaurants 

Just remember these hard-working employees are running around all day trying to bring you the best meal possible. So, when you do stop in for a great meal, if you get top notch service, don’t hesitate to leave a big tip and remind these amazing employees they are very much appreciated. 

Here is a look at the restaurants in Jacksonville, TX that were named by locals as being the best. 

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