You always hear about the rat problem in New York City subways. I try to visit the Big Apple often, and when I do, I ride the subway. I have to say I rarely see rats when I ride. Of course, I'm not riding them everyday either. Last week the Transport Workers Union 100 launched a contest offering a free monthly subway pass for the best rat picture. New Yorkers are really getting sick of the vermin so much so, that some have created a website that allows you to upload your rat,

What are the official contest rules? Well according to their website:

1. This contest is only open to “the 99%.” If your income is more than a million dollars a year, you don’t use the subways, so you’re not on this website anyway.

2. Uploading photos of “Ben” or “Socrates” from the movie classic “Willard” is not allowed as those images are protected by copyright.

3. Photos taken by mutant rats in the system who know how to use a cellphone are encouraged.

4. Employees of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority are encouraged to submit photos of the rats they encounter on a daily basis. The ones with four legs, that is.

Check out this video. This rat is definitely from NYC  - he loves pizza!