Whenever anything is named the best in Texas I always get a little nervous. That is a very bold statement especially when we are talking about the importance of a steakhouse in Texas. There are many to choose from: whether you’re looking for something more traditional with lots of elegance or want the biggest steak possible in Texas. But there are new rankings that came out suggesting where to go if you’re looking for the best steakhouse in Texas. 

Delicious Steak

The wise people at Daily Meal decided to take on the challenge of naming the best steakhouses in every state. That is already extremely difficult unless you have been to every state. But as I look at the list they put together they did mention some incredible steakhouses, although all we really want to know about is who was mentioned as the best steakhouse in the state of Texas. 

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Texans Love Steak 

On average Americans consume around 56 pounds of beef each year. And two out of three people have said they would want steak as their last meal on this earth, so when talking about the best steakhouse that is a very high honor to receive.  

The Best Steakhouse in Texas is... 

According to the newest report the best steakhouse in Texas is B&B Butchers and Restaurant in Houston, Texas. They offer 22 cuts of beef, including some that are USDA Prime beef and even offering real Japanese wagyu. All steaks are dry aged in a room that has a wall made of Himalayan sea salt.  

B&B Butchers & Restaurant
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And now I know what I want for dinner, a big ol’ juicy steak! 

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Being a Top-5 cattle producer, you might expect to find a great steak on the menu of nearly every restaurant in the state, but life is never that simple or easy. The biggest hurdle isn't a lack of steak options on menus, it's the variation of personal tastes that drives reputations and reviews, but here are the steakhouses most Oklahomans can agree on.

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