Weddings are amazing, every girl dreams up her perfect day. I remember walking Barbie down the aisle to marry Ken countless times. But one thing I never dreamed about was the pre-celebration with my best friends. A bachelorette party is a way for the bride and and bride's friends to kick back and enjoy the moment.

Bachelorette parties have been around for a long time believe it or not. They go way back in the day to when a bride and her friends would have a little pre-wedding tea party and wear conservative dresses. Fast forward a couple of centuries in Tyler and we have the top places for a Bachelorett Party, some of which would make our fore-mothers blush -- juicey details after the jump.

Piddlin Pottery

This is the cutest little shop located right here in Tyler. This is “G” rated girl fun. By choosing to paint pottery you can invite anyone that you want to share the experience with. Not only that but, it is very affordable with prices ranging from $4.00 to $75.00, no studio fee, and all materials are provided for you. Piddlin Potter is located at 4007 S. Broadway, Tyler. Call ahead and book your studio - (903) 939-9111.

KE Cellars

Located inside of KE Cellars is “The Grande Cellar”. The atmosphere inside is so relaxing with local musicians playing live nightly. So gals, have a nice quiet out for a change and share a bottle of wine. The friendly staff is available to help you create this memorable night - (903) 939-9805. KE Cellars is really easy to find 4574 S. Broadway, Tyler.


If the name of the game is to have a classy girls night out and feel sophisticated. Then Julians will be sure to have to feeling like Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda with over 30 different martinis. With the newly remodeled lounge area there is enough space to bring everyone and a large enough drink selection to keep everyone feeling very happy. Julians has plenty of parking close - 5201 S. Broadway, Tyler. Call a head for a reservation 903-509-8833.


Rick's is easy to find at 104 W. Erwin in Tyler. When you want to go on a calorie spree head over the Rick’s on the Square. There you can dine on top of the line dishes that makes you feel as if you were in Dallas. I highly suggest getting a couple of tables together on the beautiful patio, were you can enjoy live music on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights.


Wasabi is a hip little joint that I stumbled upon one day -- tucked away behind the Lowe's that is on Broadway at 5617 Donnybrook Ave in Tyler. I have to say that the atmosphere inside is very positive. This would be the perfect place for the bride-to-be and all her friends to sample a little exotic food and unwind with a few drinks (try the mojito, it’s a winner). If sushi isn’t you thing, don’t worry, Wasabi offer a variety of dishes for fit anyone’s appetite.

Enjoy your night out with the girls and I am certain that any one of these "Best Places for a Bachelorett Party" will make a night you won't soon forget!

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