I love me some Big Red. There is just something about that red soda that just makes me happy. Now that I hear a Big Red beer is out now, I really want to try one or six.

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Islla St. Brewing in San Antonio has created Big Rojo, a Big Red inspired beer. It is described on the Instagram page, eldereats, as a sour beer but also with a candy taste to it. They also say if you are not a fan of sour beers, this is one that you should try anyway.

I love the imagination these breweries will put into making their beers. I tried one at last year's Dogtoberfest in downtown Tyler that was a funnel cake flavored beer. I know, I had hesitations about it, too. I tried it and loved it. I can't recall which brewery had it, though. I took some bad notes that day.

If you want some more details on Big Rojo, head to isllastreetbrewing.com.

P.S., these guys are obviously Nintendo fans. They have two beers celebrating Super Mario Bros. and Contra. Pretty cool.

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