According to the folks on Reddit in the Questions for Texans section, here's what we should be sending to a loved one who needs a Texas care package: "What are some staple Texas snacks to send to someone abroad?"

Whataburger condiment packets:

You can get a three-pack of condiments that includes mustard, regular ketchup, and their famous spicy ketchup for just $10.99.

Whataburger Groceries - Condiments 3-pk
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A Thang of Ribs, some Brisket, or jerky BBQ:

Click here for a list of all kinds of Texas butchers that ship their meats nationwide. You can ship barbecued chicken, brisket, pulled pork, and ribs. There's even a monthly barbecue shipping club if you are feeling a wild itch.

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Dr. Pepper and Big Red:

Can't go wrong with Big Red or a Dr. Pepper. Dr. Pepper was invented right here in Texas so we are quite partial to it. Put that in a care package and you will surely light up someone's day. Big Red also claims to be the #1 selling soda in America and it's definitely very Texas, so bottoms up (in the care package)!

Big Red Soda
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A bag of Fritos:

Here's a list of recipes you can make with Fritos (according to their website): Fritos Pie, Fritos Pie Burrito, Fritos Enchilado Cheese Bake, Tacos in a Bag, Fritos Chilaquiles, and Salty Chocolate Chip Fritos Cookies (that actually sounds gross, I'm just sayin').

Fritos Chips
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Liquid Smoke

It's the best Texas thing to put on your meats, Liquid Smoke! There are many brands but the one I want is always out of stock online at Walmart: Fort Worth Stockyards!

Stubbs Mesquite Liquid Smoke
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What would YOU put inside a Texas care package?

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