Over 40% of viewers to one "news" channel thing that Bill Gates has a sinister plan.

The latest conspiracy theory is that Bill Gates created Coronavirus so that he can install a tracking chip in you. Okay, now that seems RANDOM AS HELL, but I can break it out for you a bit.

Bill Gates has been working on vaccinations for a minute. It's his gift to the world, to hopefully innoculate people against deadly diseases. Part of his work was to stop these things before they took hold in very remote areas. The problem is when you innoculate a tribesman, there is really no record of it and if you have no record of it, you can't figure out who needs it and who doesn't it. Thus, for a short time, Gate's foundation was looking into an invisible ink that could be tattooed on the skin, to show proof of inoculation. No big, right?

Well like the telephone game where people pass information person to person and the details change, this has become the current rumor, and when you get down to it, the rumor makes ZERO sense.

Why would Bill Gates want to track you, to begin with? If he did want to track you, why not just use your cell phone, the facial recognition technology that's out there, your credit cards, your Facebook, or anyone of the half dozen or more companies that you've already given all your information to? That fact is, you're already 100% trackable.

Now let's deal with the religious aspect. Some people think a tracking chip would be, "the mark of the beast". First, puh-leeze. Second, the "mark of the beast" is a number, not a chip (that's kind of in the Bible, you should read it sometime).

People use conspiracy theories to fill in mental gaps when they don't have the ability or intelligence to break down complicated information. It's easier to say, "Bill Gates wants to control us" than to break down how vaccines work, why they are necessary, how they are developed, and so on.

So let me bottom line this for you, Bill Gates is trying to save lives, the least you can do is not be a jerk to him.


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