A boy in Ohio was spotted showing kindness on Halloween, and that video is now going viral.

Halloween is almost always a fun time for kids: they get to dress as their favorite character and walk the streets of the neighborhood begging strangers for candy. Sounds like a perfect night, right?

Well, one boy in Ohio ran into a little snafu at one of the houses his family visited on their Halloween route, and he did something selfless.

We all know the "normal" Trick-or-Treating routine: dress up, head out, ring bell, "TRICK-OR-TREAT" our cutest, receive candy, rinse, repeat, right? That's how it goes for most of the night.

Sometimes you'll get to a house where no one is home. If the home is dark, most families will realize that the homeowners are not participating in Halloween, for whatever reason.

Other times, the homeowners will still participate in Halloween even if they aren't home. They will "gravity feed" the Trick-or-Treaters with a big-ol' bucket of candy left on the porch (I got the term "gravity feed" from a cat lady friend of mine!). As the little ghosts and goblins and Squid Gamers come along, they will each (hopefully) take one candy and be on their way.

When this young man in Ohio got to a house that had a gravity feed candy bucket, he saw that it had been wiped out. What he does next is really heartwarming.

According to the story from WLWT News, the boy's name is Dylan, and his mother is very proud of his actions:

"Who would have thought one random act of kindness would have got this much attention! One proud momma and makes all the times you think you're failing as a parent put into perspective that we are doing something right,"  -  Sarah Suiter, WLWT

Dylan's act of kindness came less than a half-hour into Trick-or-Treat time and, not wanting others to go without, he gave up some of his own candy when he got to the empty bowl.

His mother, Sarah, said that she didn't even witness Dylan putting candy into the bowl, as she was walking with her other kids. She found out about his actions after Halloween when the homeowner tagged her when they posted the video.

The Vandalia, Ohio city council even commended Dylan on his selflessness during a recent meeting.

What does this world need? Less division, and more Dylan.

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