This is what happens when CiCi’s drops the ball and lets the best pizza on the buffet get down to just one slice.

We’ve all been there. You spot the last slice of that awesome pepperoni and jalapeno pizza and immediately make a b-line for it when all of a sudden some dude swoops in ahead of you and snags it.

When it happens to me I just cuss the guy under my breath and go for the next best pizza on the line. But apparently, some dude in Dallas wasn’t ready to let it go that easy.

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It’s not clear exactly who snaked who for the last piece of pizza (or if that’s even what led up to the fight, but I’m going to go with it anyway). But what is clear is that a bunch of dudes came to blows on what is typically one of the most slippery surfaces in town.

Seriously – I feel like I’m walking on a hockey rink while balancing a tray full of pizza as I gingerly make my way to my seat. Admittedly, I haven’t seen anyone go down the times I’ve eaten there, but I would bet money that it’s happened more than once.

Anyway, I digress. Watch and laugh as a group of dudes throw blows at the CiCi’s pizza at Forest Lane and Webb Chapel Road. And then enjoy some of the best comments from Twitter.

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