I went grocery shopping the other day. I filled up my cart with milk, a couple of frozen pizzas, Texas Toast (the garlic one, duh), and a loaf of white bread.

My kiddo, Willow, despises whole wheat bread but I make her eat it with her turkey sandwiches anyway. Whole wheat bread is much better for you than white bread, but they are both "enriched", so if you think one is healthier than the other, you're pretty much mistaken.

The best kind of bread to buy at the grocery store is the ones with whole-grain kernels in them, or in some cases on them. Unfortunately, as you and I both know, eating healthier foods means spending more money. It's quite ridiculous if you ask me. It is way cheaper to make unhealthy "junk" bread than it is to grow, harvest, and bake healthy bread.

Some of the healthy loaves of bread I've seen on the shelves that are on my "Lottery Money Wish List" are:

Expensive Healthy Breads


Until I strike it rich, I'll be getting the Great Value Whole Wheat, thank you very much.

By the way, do you know that each color of a bread tag or bread tie represents what day it was baked? It helps grocery store clerks keep up with having fresh bread stocked on the shelves.

According to several sources, here is the "secret code" to decipher bread tag and bread tie colors:

  • Monday: Blue
  • Tuesday: Green
  • Thursday: Red
  • Friday: White
  • Saturday: Yellow

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