Brookshire's Grocery Company is the leader in East Texas for grocery shopping. The family owned behemoth has been in East Texas for almost 100 years and has more than 200 stores in East Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Oklahoma. Brookshire's Grocery Company also has the Super 1 Foods, Fresh by Brookshire's, Spring Market and Reasor's branded stores. In addition to picking up your groceries for the week, you can pick up your refilled prescriptions at a Brookshire's Pharmacy. After a couple of decades offering that service in Tyler, Texas, Brookshire's is selling their pharmacy division to a big name in that space.

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Walgreens Now Inside Brookshire's

For those that receive regular emails from Brookshire's through their Thank You Card rewards program, news was sent out Tuesday morning, July 11, that Brookshire's has sold their pharmacy division to Walgreens. Over the next few months, you will notice the Walgreens logo going up where you pick up your prescriptions inside Brookshire's. I'm sure there will be some kind of signage on the outside of the Brookshire's building as well. This change will affect the Brookshire's pharmacies in Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas. The Reasor stores in Oklahoma will not be affected by this sell. Those pharmacies will remain under Brookshire's ownership.

Why was this sale made?

That's a good question. In the email sent out to Brookshire's customers, a simple one sentence answer was given. Brookshire's wanted to concentrate more on the grocery side of the company and be able to expand the services offered at the pharmacy through the sale to Walgreens.

We are excited to take this next step with Walgreens to strengthen our pharmacies and further our commitment to our employee-partners and customers that make up our BGC family. The pharmacy industry has become increasingly complex over the past few years, and it was important to us to find a business leader that has the capabilities to focus on providing exceptional pharmacy services and value to our customers. - Brad Brookshire, Chairman and CEO of Brookshire Grocery Co.

What does this mean for those who use Brookshire's pharmacy?

Nothing needs to be done if you get your prescriptions at Brookshire's Pharmacy. All of your prescription information will be automatically transferred over to Walgreens. The press release did say that a select few of the pharmacy locations could close but no locations were given. If that happens, your prescription information will be transferred to a Walgreens store. You can also find another pharmacy if that is your preference.

You can read more about this sale in the Brookshire's Press Release.

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